Behavior TESTING Center

Conduct research with category advisors quickly and efficiently. From idea creation and screening to in-home product placements, the behavioral testing center caters to the core product research methods needed to improve the development and design of your new product innovation and measure how your new product will change what consumers will buy and where you will take share.

Order standard research studies with behavioral KPIs and receive results through selected research report templates using account credits. Research is executed through InsightsNow Communities of advocates pre-screened to be specific category buyers and/or representatives of shoppers with specific buying behaviors (e.g. Clean Label Enthusiasts). 

Re-focus your product research with in-home, in-the-moment product trial and review.

Order InsightsNow Community Home Use Tests (cHUTs) with product delivered for assessment by community members pre-screened to fit your target consumer.

Interactively gain feedback and thoughts about your product, concept, or idea and learn more about behaviors and moments of interest

Interactively gain feedback and thoughts about your product, concept, or idea and learn more about behaviors and moments of interest.  

Order InsightsNow Community Online Bulletin Boards with community advisors pre-screened to fit your target consumer.

Capture authentic video in a highly focused manner.

Don’t waste time on videos which are off-topic

Apply credits to access consumer insights through the Behavioral Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Application Center.

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