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Interactively gain feedback and thoughts about your product, concept, or idea and learn more about behaviors and moments of interest

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An online bulletin board study offers a forum for your category advisors to interactively share their feedback and thoughts about your product, concept, or idea and learn more about behaviors and moments of interest.

This one-day moderated session allows you ask up to 5 specific questions to ensure you understand the “why” behind their actions, not just the actions themselves. In this asynchronous forum, you can have up to 15 advisors post their responses, findings and behaviors through video, pictures and stories.  

You can use this approach to learn about: 

  • Products advisors currently use and why
  • Reactions to new ideas
  • Insights on product/ingredients are/are not clean label
  • Habits/routines of advisors

Online Bulletin Board​

What you get: Approximately 5 Executive Summary slides with key findings, insights and implications

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