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Re-focus your product research with in-home, in-the-moment product trial and review

A New Approach to Home Use Testing

One option among a suite of research services



Quickly align your prototypes with consumer insights by putting products into consumers hands

Rich, in-the-moment assessments from product category advisors.

 Instant, DIY views of standard reports.


Reduce HUT costs by up to 75%
Save time with a single proposal, simple screener, and rapid recruiting.
Budget effectively with standardized pricing and volume efficiencies.




Community of product category advisors represents the USA primary shopper; pre-qualified as buyers and users of your product and retail categories.
New behavioral KPIs predict lift in choice after home use trial.
Augment with diagnostics such as video, discussions, and custom quantitative questions, or qualitative discussions.

Product Category Advisers

InsightsNow’s Product Category Advisors are a purposefully selected community of people who represent the USA primary shopper.

The advisors are classified based on their buying behaviors across a wide array of product and retail categories.

The advisors have committed to participating in research studies and specifically are able to try and evaluate products shipped to them or which they can pick up or purchase locally.

Rapid and Flexible

The advisors engage in many ways, from concept development, traditional product tests with evaluation questionnaires, to full-on interviews or custom qualitative engagements, and behavioral ethnographies.

Advisors are also available for phone calls, chat sessions, video interviews and in-person interviews.

Track individual behavior patterns over time or compare a current product experience to one they evaluated in the past when advisors complete a series of studies.

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